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OurStoryBridge: Expanding the Role of Primary Sources in the Classroom

Kelly Bartlett, Jery Y. Huntley, and Janelle A. Schwartz | Originally published in 2023

Ethnographic Collections in the Classroom: Teaching Research and Composition Through Community-Centered Archives

Katherine Borland, Danille Elise Christensen, and Jordan Lovejoy | Originally published in 2023
This article includes Classroom Connections

User Guide to Teaching with Folk Sources

Lisa Rathje | Originally published in 2023
This article includes Classroom Connections

Centering Classroom Use for Ethnographic Sources with Folk Sources CMS

Andy Kolovos, Vermont Folklife and Sarah Milligan, Oklahoma Oral History Research Project | Originally published in 2023
Teaching with Folk Sources, Unit 1

Gateways to Folklife and Oral History Sources

Alexandra S. Antohin, with Teaching Tips by Kathleen Grady, White River School; Mary Rizos, Rivendell Academy; Don Taylor, Main Street Middle School; and Joe Rivers | Originally published in 2023
Learning Through Listening, Unit 2

Riding with James: More Than a Map

Ashley Minner | Originally published in 2022
This article includes Classroom Connections.

A Conversation with Nokmes (My Grandmother) in Poetry

Browning Neddeau | Originally published in 2022

“I'm a fellow traveler on a religious journey”: A Conversation with Kevin J. Burke

Bretton A. Varga and Kevin J. Burke | Originally published in 2022

“An Electromagnetic Tenderness of Remembering”

Mark Helmsing with Derek Piotr | Originally published in 2022

“Hey, Folklorists!” FisherPoets and Public Folklorists: Practicing Partnership

Riki Saltzman | Originally published in 2021
This article is part of the FisherPoets section.

A Note on the Pedagogy of Equity

Diana Baird N’Diaye | Originally published in 2020

Documenting Power, Beauty, and Responsibility in Action

Stephen Furze, Photographer | Originally published in 2020

Revitalizing Folk Art within the Community

Beverly Robinson | Originally published in 2020

Of Art and the Interview: Woven Performance

Bonnie S. Sunstein | Originally published in 2019

The Artful Interview in Documentary Production

Carol Spellman | Originally published in 2019

City Lore Interviewing Guide

Amanda Dargan | Originally published in 2019

Filming Deaf Stories: Interviews in American Sign Language

Jean Lindquist Bergey and Zilvinas Paludnevicius | Originally published in 2019

Tell Me What the World Was Like When You Were Young: Talking About Ourselves

Simon Lichman and Rivanna Miller | Originally published in 2019

Students Listen to Voices of the City with the Urban Memory Project

Rebecca Krucoff | Originally published in 2019

Weaving Our Histories: Latin@ Ethnography in the Heritage Language Classroom

Elena Foulis and Jennifer Barajas | Originally published in 2019

Interview as Curriculum and Collaboration: Behind the Scenes of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Field School

Emily West Hartlerode, Makaela Kroin, Ken Parshall, Anne Pryor, Riki Saltzman, Dana Creston Smith, and Valerie Switzler | Originally published in 2019

A Note: Bridging Cultural Gaps through Interviews

Raymond M. Summerville | Originally published in 2019

Siftr: A Tool for the Folklore Classroom

Thomas A. DuBois, Ruth Olson, B. Marcus Cederström, James Mathews, and David Gagnon | Originally published in 2018

Strategies to Broaden Knowledge: Citizen Scientists and Citizen Folklorists

Maribel Alvarez and Gary Paul Nabhan | Originally published in 2018

A Curriculum of Wonder: An Interview with Mark Wagler

Mark Wagler and Tim Frandy | Originally published in 2018

Documenting Disaster: A Student and Teacher Learning Experience

Nancy Solomon | Originally published in 2018

What We Bring: New Immigrant Gifts

Amanda Dargan | Originally published in 2017

Writing as Alchemy: Turning Objects into Stories, Stories into Objects

Rossina Zamora Liu and Bonnie Stone Sunstein | Originally published in 2016
This article has Classroom Connections

Project Based Learning: Elementary Students as Researchers of Immigration Narratives

Natasha Agrawal | Originally published in 2016
This article is part of the Local Learning Focus: The Gallery of Conscience.

The Art of Seeing: Visual Anthropology as a Road into Experience

Luci Fernandes | Originally published in 2015

Stories from Deep in the Heart

Charles Lockwood | Originally published in 2015

Art of Style @ JazzFest

Jenna Bonistalli and Elise Gallinot Goldman | Originally published in 2014
This article is part of the The Will to Adorn project.

A Closer Look at AS220 Youth

Anne Kugler | Originally published in 2014
This article is part of the The Will to Adorn project.