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Gateways to Folklife and Oral History Sources

Alexandra S. Antohin, with Teaching Tips by Kathleen Grady, White River School; Mary Rizos, Rivendell Academy; Don Taylor, Main Street Middle School; and Joe Rivers | Originally published in 2023
Learning Through Listening, Unit 2

Centering Classroom Use for Ethnographic Sources with Folk Sources CMS

Andy Kolovos, Vermont Folklife and Sarah Milligan, Oklahoma Oral History Research Project | Originally published in 2023
Teaching with Folk Sources, Unit 1

User Guide to Teaching with Folk Sources

Lisa Rathje | Originally published in 2023
This article includes Classroom Connections

Ethnographic Collections in the Classroom: Teaching Research and Composition Through Community-Centered Archives

Katherine Borland, Danille Elise Christensen, and Jordan Lovejoy | Originally published in 2023
This article includes Classroom Connections

OurStoryBridge: Expanding the Role of Primary Sources in the Classroom

Kelly Bartlett, Jery Y. Huntley, and Janelle A. Schwartz | Originally published in 2023

“I'm a fellow traveler on a religious journey”: A Conversation with Kevin J. Burke

Bretton A. Varga and Kevin J. Burke | Originally published in 2022

Riding with James: More Than a Map

Ashley Minner | Originally published in 2022
This article includes Classroom Connections.

A Conversation with Nokmes (My Grandmother) in Poetry

Browning Neddeau | Originally published in 2022

“An Electromagnetic Tenderness of Remembering”

Mark Helmsing with Derek Piotr | Originally published in 2022

“Hey, Folklorists!” FisherPoets and Public Folklorists: Practicing Partnership

Riki Saltzman | Originally published in 2021
This article is part of the FisherPoets section.

Revitalizing Folk Art within the Community

Beverly Robinson | Originally published in 2020

Documenting Power, Beauty, and Responsibility in Action

Stephen Furze, Photographer | Originally published in 2020

A Note on the Pedagogy of Equity

Diana Baird N’Diaye | Originally published in 2020

A Note: Bridging Cultural Gaps through Interviews

Raymond M. Summerville | Originally published in 2019

Of Art and the Interview: Woven Performance

Bonnie S. Sunstein | Originally published in 2019

The Artful Interview in Documentary Production

Carol Spellman | Originally published in 2019

City Lore Interviewing Guide

Amanda Dargan | Originally published in 2019

Filming Deaf Stories: Interviews in American Sign Language

Jean Lindquist Bergey and Zilvinas Paludnevicius | Originally published in 2019

Tell Me What the World Was Like When You Were Young: Talking About Ourselves

Simon Lichman and Rivanna Miller | Originally published in 2019

Students Listen to Voices of the City with the Urban Memory Project

Rebecca Krucoff | Originally published in 2019

Weaving Our Histories: Latin@ Ethnography in the Heritage Language Classroom

Elena Foulis and Jennifer Barajas | Originally published in 2019

Interview as Curriculum and Collaboration: Behind the Scenes of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Field School

Emily West Hartlerode, Makaela Kroin, Ken Parshall, Anne Pryor, Riki Saltzman, Dana Creston Smith, and Valerie Switzler | Originally published in 2019

Siftr: A Tool for the Folklore Classroom

Thomas A. DuBois, Ruth Olson, B. Marcus Cederström, James Mathews, and David Gagnon | Originally published in 2018

Strategies to Broaden Knowledge: Citizen Scientists and Citizen Folklorists

Maribel Alvarez and Gary Paul Nabhan | Originally published in 2018

A Curriculum of Wonder: An Interview with Mark Wagler

Mark Wagler and Tim Frandy | Originally published in 2018

Documenting Disaster: A Student and Teacher Learning Experience

Nancy Solomon | Originally published in 2018

What We Bring: New Immigrant Gifts

Amanda Dargan | Originally published in 2017

Writing as Alchemy: Turning Objects into Stories, Stories into Objects

Rossina Zamora Liu and Bonnie Stone Sunstein | Originally published in 2016
This article has Classroom Connections

Project Based Learning: Elementary Students as Researchers of Immigration Narratives

Natasha Agrawal | Originally published in 2016
This article is part of the Local Learning Focus: The Gallery of Conscience.

Stories from Deep in the Heart

Charles Lockwood | Originally published in 2015

The Art of Seeing: Visual Anthropology as a Road into Experience

Luci Fernandes | Originally published in 2015

A Closer Look at AS220 Youth

Anne Kugler | Originally published in 2014
This article is part of the The Will to Adorn project.

Art of Style @ JazzFest

Jenna Bonistalli and Elise Gallinot Goldman | Originally published in 2014
This article is part of the The Will to Adorn project.