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Creative Texts | Creative Traditions

Announcing publication of JFE Volume 8: With 20+ articles featuring classroom connections and creative texts this issue features voices from diverse perspectives and learning spaces.

Highlights from Volume 8

Creative Texts | Creative Traditions features case studies, lesson plans, and research that use folklore’s values of context, candor, use, imagination, and love to help students to craft text with authentic purpose and consequences. The strategies offer readers opportunities to consider how the merely personal can contain the universal, how to make genuine connections, how to work toward equity, or how to strengthen social bonds.

2022 Call for Submissions

What happens when educators have the opportunity to teach/learn about death, loss, and remembrance? Do they acknowledge or ignore these realities and experiences, including social and emotional needs of learners who encounter death, loss, and remembrance? What are the implications of avoiding or embracing opportunities to teach and learn about death and loss? How do lessons about death, loss, and remembrance unfold in educationally constructive ways across cultures and communities?