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Now Available! Teaching With Folk Sources

We are happy to celebrate our 10th Volume of the Journal of Folklore and Education with a special double issue!

Expanding mainstream notions that primary sources are historical documents housed in hard-to-access archives, this volume showcases archive items that expand our vision of community, self, the past, the future, pedagogical opportunities—and, yes, history.

2024 Call for Submissions

Shifting Ground: Migration, Disruption, and the Changing Contours of Home, with Guest Editors Michelle Banks and Sojin Kim

We live and produce our senses of community and place on shifting ground. Folklore and other traditional practices offer tools, strategies, and resources for both responding to and catalyzing change. Submissions due March 15, 2024.

Death, Loss, and Remembrance

The 2022 volume of JFE asks: What is the role for folklore in education in teaching and learning about death, loss, and remembrance? From ritual to spirituality and in concepts of time and history; through poetry, comic art, community mapping, folklife festival, museum exhibition, and family life—Volume 9 offers activities and content for learners of all ages.

Find tools to support reflection around Covid and disaster. Trauma-informed frameworks and activities suited for social-emotional learning can be found in the 15+ articles.

10 Years of JFE

As the flagship journal for Folklore and Education, JFE annually publishes outstanding content from authors who know the value of teaching local knowledge, art, stories, and culture.

Paddy Bowman and Lisa Rathje, Editors