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A Future from the Past

David Swenson, Rebecca Engelman, and Troyd Geist | Originally published in 2023
This article includes Classroom Connections

Stories for Change: Solastalgia, Climate Grief, and Re-storying Ourselves

Rick Fisher and Maggie Bourque | Originally published in 2022
This article includes Classroom Connections.

Derecho Days: Navigating Disaster Through Vernacular Comic Art

Nic Hartmann | Originally published in 2022
This article includes Classroom Connections.

The Stories We Tell: Disrupting the Myth of Neutrality in Math through Counternarratives

Kristyn Lue and Blake O’Neal Turner | Originally published in 2020

Interview as Curriculum and Collaboration: Behind the Scenes of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Field School

Emily West Hartlerode, Makaela Kroin, Ken Parshall, Anne Pryor, Riki Saltzman, Dana Creston Smith, and Valerie Switzler | Originally published in 2019

A Note: Bridging Cultural Gaps through Interviews

Raymond M. Summerville | Originally published in 2019

Filming Deaf Stories: Interviews in American Sign Language

Jean Lindquist Bergey and Zilvinas Paludnevicius | Originally published in 2019

The Artful Interview in Documentary Production

Carol Spellman | Originally published in 2019

Siftr: A Tool for the Folklore Classroom

Thomas A. DuBois, Ruth Olson, B. Marcus Cederström, James Mathews, and David Gagnon | Originally published in 2018

Strategies to Broaden Knowledge: Citizen Scientists and Citizen Folklorists

Maribel Alvarez and Gary Paul Nabhan | Originally published in 2018

Folk Illusions as Emic, Educational Prompt

K. Brandon Barker | Originally published in 2018

Eating Your Homework: One Family’s Intersections of Science, Place, Foodways, and Education

Lisa L. Higgins and Katherine Haag Rogers | Originally published in 2018
This article has Classroom Connections

With Feet on Common Ground

Tim Frandy | Originally published in 2018

Our River, Our Home: A Critical Pedagogy of Place

Ellen McHale and John McKeeby | Originally published in 2018

Placing Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge at the Center of Our Research and Teaching

Michelle M. Jacob, Emily West Hartlerode, Jennifer R. O’Neal, Janne Underriner, Joana Jansen, and Kelly M. LaChance | Originally published in 2018

A Curriculum of Wonder: An Interview with Mark Wagler

Mark Wagler and Tim Frandy | Originally published in 2018

Kickflip: Expanding Digital Learning Opportunities for Skateboarders and Other Teen Subcultures

Tal Bar-­‐Zemer and Jessica Forsyth | Originally published in 2015

Pen Tapping: Forbidden Folklore

Anna Beresin | Originally published in 2015

Discovering Community, Transforming Education

A Conversation with Gregory Sharrow | Originally published in 2015

Bridging Collaborative Ethnography and Democratic Education

Alison Kinney | Originally published in 2015

The Art of Seeing: Visual Anthropology as a Road into Experience

Luci Fernandes | Originally published in 2015