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Thinking Geographically with Museum Collections

Vanessa Navarro Maza, HistoryMiami Museum | Originally published in 2023
Learning Through Observation and Museum Collections, Unit 3

To Gather and to Grieve: Making Space for Mourning at a Folklife Festival

Kimi Eisele | Originally published in 2022
This article includes Classroom Connections.

The Urban Art Mapping Project: A Discussion of Street Art Preservation and Antiracism

Frederica Simmons, Amber Delgado, Rachel Weiher, Eve Wasylik, Adem Ojulu, Olivia Tjokrosetio, Shukrani Nangwala, Heather Shirey, Paul Lorah, and David Todd Lawrence | Originally published in 2021

Pieces of Now: Arts Born of Protest

Carol Ghiorsi Hart | Originally published in 2021

Walls Are Not Black and White: Student Exploration of Border Walls through Creative Writing

Lisa Falk and Marge Pellegrino | Originally published in 2021
This article includes Classroom Connections.

Inspired by Calaveras: Involving Middle-School Students in Writing about el Día de los Muertos during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ethan Sharp with Carolina Quiroga and Ashlee Collins | Originally published in 2021
This article includes Classroom Connections.

Revitalizing Folk Art within the Community

Beverly Robinson | Originally published in 2020

Untold Stories, Unsung Heroes: Using Visual Narratives to Resist Historical Exclusion, Exoticization, and Gentrification in Boston Chinatown

Carolyn Leung Rubin, Loan Thi Dao, Izabela Villanueva, and Cynthia Woo | Originally published in 2020
This article includes Classroom Connections.

A Focus on Folklife: Fostering Cultural Equity at HistoryMiami Museum

Michael Knoll, Tina Menendez, and Vanessa Navarro Maza | Originally published in 2020

We Are All Essential: Is the Heart the Last Frontier?

Madaha Kinsey-Lamb | Originally published in 2020

Growing Right: Pop-Up and Popular Pedagogies for Public Environmental Folklife

Jess Lamar Reece Holler, with Carol Goland, Scott Williams, and Jeremy Purser | Originally published in 2018

The Sewing Circle Project: Reflections on Ten Years

Lynne Williamson | Originally published in 2017

Inspired Learning: The Smithsonian Folklife Festival and Art Museum Education Strategies

Betty J. Belanus and Charmaine Branch | Originally published in 2016

Like a Jazz Song: Designing for Community Engagement in Museums

Suzanne Seriff | Originally published in 2016
This article is part of the Local Learning Focus: The Gallery of Conscience.

Between Two Worlds: A Collaborative Curriculum Addressing Immigration through Folk Art, Media Literacy, and Digital Storytelling

Laura Marcus Green with Katy Gross and Tara Trudell | Originally published in 2016
This article is part of the Local Learning Focus: The Gallery of Conscience.

Project Based Learning: Elementary Students as Researchers of Immigration Narratives

Natasha Agrawal | Originally published in 2016
This article is part of the Local Learning Focus: The Gallery of Conscience.

Dismantling Racism in Museum Education

Marit Dewhurst and Keonna Hendrick | Originally published in 2016

Heritage Repatriation and Educational Sovereignty at an Ojibwe Public School

B. Marcus Cederström, Thomas A. DuBois, Tim Frandy, and Colin Gioia Connors | Originally published in 2016

The Urgency of Empathy and Social Impact in Museums

Mike Murawski | Originally published in 2016

Public Folklore Programs and University Museums: Partnerships in Education

Lisa L. Higgins, Special Section Editor | Originally published in 2016

Spotlight: Local Learning @ Vermilionville

Paddy Bowman | Originally published in 2016

Native Eyes: Honoring the Power of Coming Together

Lisa Falk and Jennifer Juan | Originally published in 2016

Writing as Alchemy: Turning Objects into Stories, Stories into Objects

Rossina Zamora Liu and Bonnie Stone Sunstein | Originally published in 2016
This article has Classroom Connections

Introduction: Intersections: Folklore and Museum Education

Paddy Bowman and Lisa Rathje | Originally published in 2016

Museum Cultural Ambassadors: Parent Engagement through Museum and School Partnerships

Dawn Brooks-Decosta, Francis Estrada, and Erin K. Hylton | Originally published in 2016

Stories from Deep in the Heart

Charles Lockwood | Originally published in 2015

Expressing and Reading Identity through Photographs

Lisa Falk | Originally published in 2014
This article includes Classroom Connections

The Guayabera and Cultural Research

Paddy Bowman | Originally published in 2014